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The Cryptographic Protocols (CRYPO) group, founded at TU Darmstadt in February 2009 and headed by Prof. Dr. Mark Manulis, holds strong expertise in the design and analysis of cryptographic protocols with applications to many important fields of information, communication, and computer security. The group is part of the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) and of the European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC SPRIDE). Our research topics include:

  • authentication, identification, key management protocols
  • anonymity and privacy preserving protocols 
  • distributed systems security (protocols for secure p2p systems, grid computing)
  • distributed applications security (multi-party, group-oriented, and collaborative applications)
  • e-commerce security (protocols for online banking, payment/coupon/voucher applications)
  • hardware-based security (protocols with crypto-hardware, "trusted computing")
  • lightweight security (protocols for resource-constraint devices)
  • network security (internet security protocols, network/remote access control)
  • provable security (security models and proofs of cryptographic protocols)
  • wireless security (mobile/ad-hoc/mesh/sensor networks, wireless roaming)
  • user-centric security (user privacy, protocols for user authentication, "usable security")
  • ...

This wordle illustrates the diversity of our publication titles:



Prof. Dr. Mark Manulis

Cryptographic Protocols Group
Fachbereich Informatik
S4|14 TU Darmstadt / CASED
Mornewegstrasse 30
D-64293 Darmstadt

Phone +49 6151 16 - 50761
Fax +49 6151 16 - 72051

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